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Face Lift

Face lift procedures help turn back the hands of time to a younger you.  Depending on your desired look, we offer lower face lifts to address jowls, neck folds; mid face lifts to address the nasolabial folds known as the laugh lines; and upper face lifts to address forehead wrinkles


Mini Face Lift

In younger patients where a full face lift not needed or too aggressive, we can perform mini-face lifts that help redrape the facial skin using small incisions and sutures.  These procedures do not address loose skin and are temporary.


Eyelid Lift

Also known as blepharoplasty, helps rejuvenate and remove loose skin around the eyes.  These operations are meant to address hooding, bags or puffs under the eyes, and eliminate the tired look that occurs with time.


Rhinoplasty (nose)

Trauma, bad genes, or life changes produce unwanted details to your nose.  Face your new life with a new nose.  We will work with you to make changes to your profile to address bumps, lumps, flares, flat noses, and tall noses to something more you can show with pride.


Otoplasty (ear)

Changing the position of your ears can change your appearance more than you think.  Using a small incision behind your ear, we reposition the cartilage in your ear to a more anatomical position to reset the appearance of your ear.


Implants (Chin, Cheek)

Anatomically shaped implants on your cheeks or chin will help redefine your facial profile, give you a defined look or a strong chin.  Everyone is different and each problem is different.  Please ask during your consultation what is the best option based on your facial anatomy to achieve your new look.




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