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Brow Lift

The nature of man results in heavy eyebrows.  However too much can produce sagging eyebrow and physically get in the way.  Based on your facial anatomy, we can lift your eyebrows using various techniques including direct excision of skin to endoscopic anchoring of your forehead muscles to support your eyebrows.


Face Lift

Facelifts in men must be approached differently than in women.  Daily trauma from shaving and strong facial muscles leads to deep folds and furrows. You may require a combination of procedures to turn back the hands of time and stress.



Weight gain and weight loss can result in unsightly sagging of skin around your chest muscles.  In addition hormone changes unique to men can also produce what is virtually a small, fully shaped breast.  Depending on the size and texture of the underlying fatty tissue, we can eliminate the breast tissue using liposuction and or direct excision.



Standard liposuction can help eliminate stubborn fat deposits that exercise and diet can not eliminate.  It is not a replacement for weight loss, but does help redefine areas to your new profile.



Pectoral, Calf:  Using the full range of standard and custom implants we can help give you what nature and hard work have not.


Standard Hair Transplant

In cases where multiple harvesting procedures are needed, a traditional approach to hair follicle harvesting using a posterior scalp incision allows for some freedom in harvesting sites and target site placement.


Tummy Tuck for Men

Massive weight loss can lead to loose skin that can get in the way of normal daily activities such as wearing pants.  Abdominoplasty procedures are meant to address this skin and remove it and redefine your waist line.  In other situtations, too much abdominal fat can produce the same problems.  Panniculectomy procedures can help removed this fat to give you a smaller waist to help manage daily activities.


Chin Augmentation

Anatomically shaped implants on your cheeks or chin will help redefine your facial profile, give you a defined look or a strong chin.  Everyone is different and each problem is different.  Please ask during your consultation what is the best option based on your facial anatomy to achieve your new look


Neck Lift

With age the neck of men can develop very loose skin.  Traditional face lift procedures can help address this skin but at the cost of changing your facial appearance.  More direct excision (T-Z plasty) can help remove this loose skin without affecting any other facial feature.





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