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Breast cancer and other diseases the require breast excision and/or radiation may leave unsightly scars, significant breast deformities or no breast at all.  We provide the full range of procedures to reconstruct your breasts from fat grafting, implant based reconstruction to the latest free tissue transplants.



Some burns are deep enough to cause serious scarring if allowed to heal without proper treatment.  Skin grafts using skin from other unburned areas will help reduce healing time and reduced the amount of scar formation and eventual scar contracture.  Skin graft to require close follow up and intensive physical and occupational therapy to treat and reduced scar formation.


Scar Release

Burn wound healing can lead to thick scar formation, regardless of wound care ore skin graft application.  When contractures form, it is not enough to release the scar as it will reform. They only treatment is to release the scar and incorporate a local or free tissue flap to prevent the scar contracture to reform.



Burn wounds sometime require intensive wound care to allow the wound to heal.  We are experts in advanced burn wound care and will help you or your family members affected by burns.


Reconstruction due to Trauma




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